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  • Giant Garden Darts
    Giant Garden Darts Giant garden darts are an exaggerated version of the popular pub game but played on a grass area with a set of floor rings to aim at as targets. The giant garden darts are blunt but will penetrate the soft lawn area to enable competition. What is included with this hire:&nbs..
  • Giant Boules
    French Boules! French boules otherwise known as Petanque, is another great unusual game for the entertainment of your guests at your event. Impress your attendees with something they may never have played before! Perfect for any French themed party, or simply as a stand alone game.  What ..
  • Giant Buzzer Game
    Giant Buzzer Game Our giant buzzer game is an entertaining addition to any school fete, corporate or fund raising event. Perfect unit for an ice breaker at an exhibition stand. Our Giant Buzzer Game is suitable for all ages. Our giant hand buzzer measures 770mm (30" high) and can be placed o..
  • Giant Connect 4
    Giant Connect 4 Garden Game A classic entertaining giant garden game for all the family. Simply get four of your counters in a line in any direction to win. Be warned, this can become highly competitive! Giant version of the popular connect 4 type game. Suitable for all ages What is inclu..
  • Giant Croquet
    Croquet hire A quintessentially English garden game that makes an unique attraction for your wedding, party or corporate event. Croquet can be competetive, but is seen generally as a relaxing pastime to entertain your guests during those warm summer afternoon events. Perfect for fairytale th..
  • Giant Dominoes
    Giant dominoes are great fun for all the family. We've taken a classic game and made it bigger for bigger amounts of fun! Excellent addition to a giant games area package or for use in competition at a coporate event. What is included with this hire:  Giant Dominoes Garden Game ..
  • Giant Edu-Blocks
    Giant Edu-Blocks provide great entertainment for tots through creative play. Edu-Blocks are made from a safe soft flexible non-toxic material. These large play bricks are much like lego, they will give your children hours of fun and help in building imagination. The colourful interlocking light..
  • Giant Games Area Package
    Giant Games Area Package Great giant garden games area package for your event. Consists of a combination of 10 giant games of your choice, from: Connect 4, Jenga, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo game, Noughts and Crosses, Quoits, Soft play building blocks, Giant dominoes, French boules, Ker-Plunk, and a..
  • Giant Get Knotted
    Giant Get Knotted. Giant version of the Twister type games. Two dice are thrown to tell you which colours to place your hands and feet on leading to hilarious family fun. Suitable for all ages ...except maybe for nan and granddad!  What is included with this hire:  Giant G..
  • Giant Horse Shoe Toss
    Rubber Horse Shoe Toss. Players are given safe to use lightweight plastic horse shoes to toss underarm at the target spike - the winner is the player who gets most on target. Our plastic horse shoes are suitable to be usd by all the family, they come in two colours if you need to organi..
  • Giant Jenga
    Giant Jenga Garden Games Giant Jenga tower garden game. Players pull out the blocks very gently from the giant tower without letting the tower collapse. Whoever topples the tower first, loses! Suitable for all the family. What is included with this hire:  Giant Jenga (with 58 b..
  • Giant Ker-Plunk!
    Giant Ker-Plunk! Giant Ker-Plunk game. Great game for all the family, great for wedding events, team building and corporate fun and games. What is included with this hire:  Giant Ker-Plunk Game Size of equipment: 1.2m tall Area needed: ‚Äč1.5m tall  Suitable fo..
  • Giant Noughts-and-crosses
    Noughts-and-crosses! Noughts and crosses game sometimes called tic tac toe. Bring this classic family favourite to your event or party and ensure lots of fun for all. What is included with this hire:  Noughts-and-crosses Game Size of equipment: 1.2m long x 1.2m wide Are..
  • Giant Quoits
    Quoits! Quoits is a simple ring toss game, similar to hoopla, only the targets are pegs usually on the ground with points values depending on which one you manage to 'hoop'. Great add-on entertainment for the very young to the very old. To play, you only need two players. Each person throws two q..
  • Giant Snakes and Ladders
    Giant Snakes and Ladders Giant version of the popular snakes and ladders board game. The players are the counters and go up the ladders or down the snakes as they land on them. There are many other fun penalties and bonuses to play for too! Suitable for all ages. What is in..
  • Table Football
      Table Football Hire Table football hire availble as a single or twin game set. A great side attraction for your event whether just for fun or as part of a team building day. An addictive retro pub game that never gets old. Create a games room with other attractions or have a single tabl..