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Laser Tag Hire

Our mobile laser tag can be used indoors or outdoors. Bring the excitement of a laser tag attraction to your party or event. Laser tag can be played as a team game or as individuals with a variety of laser tag game scenarios. Suitable for children and adults laser tag is an ideal for all the family. No need for bulky, uncomfortable laser tag vests, our laser tag phasers use state of the art technology to enhance game play. Players just pick up the phaser and they are good to go!! Its quick and very easy to play, score as many hits or tags as possible while avoiding the enemies fire, simply aim at the opposing team or player's flashing gun and fire. Laser Tag is a must have for any space themed party, or occasion where the children want high energy, active fun!

Laser Tag Party

Our mobile laser tag game is extremely addictive, fantastic fun for birthday parties. Our laser guns can be programmed to play a variety of game scenarios whether as single players or as teams. In team mode the laser tag guns are programmed to prevent "friendly fire" so you cannot accidentally score for the opposing team, once again a direct hit will earn you points and the laser tag gun will react to a good shot. Your opponents gun will react and let them know that a direct hit has been made, and they will lose points.

Laser Tag Events

Laser tag is great for fundraising at school fetes or for family fun days and corporate events. Laser tag is addictive and has proven to be a real crowd puller. A capacity of 10 users at a time and suitable for use by children and adults makes the laser tag an ideal choice for any event. Laser tag is staffed by our attendants to ensure a smooth operation. We use a smoke free arena to eliminate the worry of allergies. The laser tag guns emit so much colour and effects that smoke is not needed to enhance play. Line of sight is required to score tags with the phasers which adds to the excitement of play….no cheating by shooting through walls as it does not work!!

Laser Tag Guns

Laser tag guns are highly sophisticated with many special features which enhance the game of Lazer tag. You would normally find these commercial grade laser tag phasers at large indoor play centres or laser quasar and quest type venues. The Laser tag guns or phasers come with great sound and lighting effects, giving another exciting element to the gameplay. Lazer tag guns are used in a safe two handed grip they are weighted and balanced and give a perfect realistic feel, vibrating when hit. The lazer tag guns transfer information to each unit as well as the led scoreboard display showing real time scores and game play updates, meaning that a winner can be determined.

Laser Tag Arena

Laser tag arena can be set up on a grassed area outdoors, or indoors inside a large hall or sorts hall. The space required is 40ft width by 40ft length by 9ft height. Inflatable arena physical size is : 35ft (w) x 35ft (d) x 8ft (h). Outside the arena is an LED scoreboard which displays the current team score. This is a brilliant feature for competitions and competitive players but also for light hearted fun.


What is included with this hire: 

  • Laser Tag Phaser Guns
  • LED scoreboard display
  • Inflatable Arena
  • 50m Extension Cable
  • Electric Power Fans

Size of equipment: 13.5m long x 13.5m wide x 3.0m tall
Area needed: ​15m long x 15m wide x 3.3m tall
Suitable for ages: 5 years and above including adults
Accommodates: 2-10 players at any time 
Indoor/Outdoor: Suitable for Indoor use or Outdoor use on a grassed area
Staffing: Huff n Puff staff are provided as standard
Power: Standard household 13amp socket required (Power generator availabe to hire if mains electricity is unavailable)
Requirement for access: At least 1.1m width throughout all access

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