Crazy Golf Hire

Crazy Golf Hire

Crazy golf is a 'hole' lot of fun for all the family at fun days, corporate events, kids parties, weddings, team building, school fetes, golf club open days... in fact for any event! Nine or eighteen holes of crazy golf mayhem. Demonstrate your putting prowess around our crazy golf course over slopes, around Daytona curves, through tunnels, loop de loops, spirals and obstacles.

Our mini golf course can be set up indoors or outdoors and is great for fundraising. Eachcrazy golf course is  supplied with an abundance of obstacles, golf balls, scorecards, rubber head golf putters in various sizes for tots, children, teens and adults - everything you need for competitions or just casual fun. Our staffed crazy golf hire service can be hired with our crazy golf stall which will make this attraction draw crowds and enhance the family fun at your event.

For DIY crazy golf hire a putters and golf balls are set up to be served from a table top.

Our crazy golf hire service is available for hire throughout Hertfordshire, London, Surrey and surrounding counties.

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  • Crazy Golf DIY
    Crazy Golf Hire - DIY Nine holes of crazy golf fun for all the family. Ideal for schools fete's fundraising or parties. This DIY crazy golf option allows you to supervise yourself. Our equipment cannot defend itself, we do ask that this equipment needs to be fully supervised by your own a..
  • Crazy Golf Fun Size
    Crazy Golf Fun Size! Fun size 9 hole crazy golf course is an ideal choice for parties and events. Nine holes of 'L' shapes and straight holes with some tricky obstacles makes our fun size crazy golf a bit of a challenge. Although we typically set the holes out in a box type configuration, the cra..
  • Crazy Golf Hole in One
    Crazy Golf Hole in One Challenge! Tight on space and need an attraction ? Try our crazy golf hole in one challenge. We can set this in any configuration you desire using up to 2 to 5 1.0m x 1.0m sections dependant on your needs to create a challenging putting surface in a straight line, an 'L' sh..
  • Crazy Golf Mega Size
    Crazy Golf Course Hire - Mega Size! Our mega size crazy golf hire service is ideal for larger events. This crazy golf course can accomodate 60 users at a time, off all ages and abilities. Putters are supplied for the small tots through to adults which makes our mega sized crazy golf a fantastic f..
  • Crazy Golf Super Size
    Crazy Golf Super Size Crazy golf super size for a larger course than our standard fun size. This course increase the challenge as their are longer and sometimes more complicated holes set out on our super size crazy golf course. Our crazy golf courses are suitable for inside or outdoor events, th..